Carré Neige Intégral

Carré Neige Intégral
Our fully integral cover offer

Carré Neige Intégral

Advantages :

  • Integral insurance covering you before and during your stay
  • Allows you to book your « ski-lift passes », your « skiing lessons » and halte-garderie (sold by the ski schools)
  • During your stay you are fully covered against accident and/or sickness
  • Up to €1 000 / person and €5 000 / accident before the stay
  • Global cover limit of €50 000 during your stay, with a maximum one-off excess fee of €50 per claim (within the guarantees limits indicated in the spreadsheet and the guarantees enclosed in the documents below).
  • Comprehensive cover guaranteed from the first day of purchase

So what does that actually mean in real terms ?

For example, « Carré Neige Integral » covers you BEFORE the stay for :

  • Accident or sickness involving you, your family, or the person covering your work absence
  • Being involved in divorce proceedings
  • Being sacked or made redundant from your employment
  • Having vital identity papers stolen
  • Attack or incident anywhere in a 100km radius from the location of your holiday booking occurring in the 48 hours preceding your departure...

And DURING your stay « Carré Neige Intégral » covers you for :

  • see as for « Carré Neige » cover

Documents to download :

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