Who exactly is « Carré Neige »?

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Carré Neige

What is « Carré Neige »?

  1. A locally based insurance, created by the skiers for the skiers
  2. A tailor-made insurance adapted to your requirements
  3. An insurance product only available in the Savoie department
  4. A membership to Savoie Ski Performances

By subscribing to « Carré Neige » you become a member of the Savoie Ski Performances underwriting association, which supports Savoie skiers and participates in the training of champions.

Subscribing is supporting

Subscribing is supporting

Carré Neige, with the support of the Comité de Ski de Savoie, has for almost 30 years been supporting the training of future champions and the entire Savoyard ski ecosystem.

  • 1 - Support the champions of tomorrow by providing financial support to clubs, districts and the Savoie Ski Committee.
  • 2 - Train the actors of tomorrow's mountains by supporting young Savoyards in their dual school and sports projects.

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