Does the « Carré Neige » cover the practice off-piste and the cross-country skiing ?


The « Carré Neige » covers the off-piste ski area that is accessible via the ski-lifts.

The cross-country skiing is covered by « Carré Neige » when the practice is punctual, for weekly customers who decide to practice occasionally, on one day, cross-country skiing while owning a ski pass valid on the ski-lift area with a « Carré Neige » insurance.

Does the « Carré Neige » cover a pedestrian fall in the ski resort ?


There is a tolerance on the way to go and to come back from skiing (wearing ski boots and the equipment).

Those files will be studied case by case.

Is there a geographic limit for the repatriation assistance guarantee ?


To be repatriated, insured must have their fiscal domicile in geographic Europe and can be repatriated inside the limits of the countries mentioned on the leaflet.

In agreement with Europ Assistance and only with their prior consent, the policyholders living outside geographic Europe can benefit of a repatriation to airports in France’s neighboring countries, OR, to the home of a person around them living in one the country’s mentioned on the leaflet.

Is it possible to lean a « Carré Neige » on a seasonary ski pass ?


It is possible for one day only and only for the rescue and evacuation guarantee.

If you would like to benefit of additionals guarantees, you can suscribe to the « Carré Neige Saison».

Does the « Carré Neige » cover activities as Nordic skiing, snowshoes and sledge ?


You must have in your possession a ski-lift pass with "Carré Neige" Insurance valid on the skiing area for the day concerned or a compulsory receipt of the insurance « Carré Neige » with the dates of validity and, if possible, the mention “nordic ski”, “snowshoes”, “sledge” (to ask to the ski lifts desks).

Do Credit cards insurances offer the same guarantees than the « Carré Neige » ?


Credit cards guarantees depend on the bank and on the level of your card.
Pay attention to the coverage for illnesses and for your beneficiaries for example, to maximum amounts or to the territorial limits.
Note that the advance of the costs is systematic.

Is it possible to sell a « Carré Neige » without linking it to a transport ticket ?


You must practice an activity covered by the « Carré Neige » and must have in your possession the compulsory receipt of the insurance « Carré Neige » with the dates of validity and, if possible, the mention « free ski pass ».

Does a daily or weekly « Carré Neige » bought in one ski resort cover the practice of a snow activity in another resort ?


The « Carré Neige » guarantee the amateur practice of snow sports during the dates of validity of the insurance in all the ski resorts in Savoie.

WARNING : The « Carré Neige Saison » only covers you in the ski area accessible with the season ski pass (including the linked ski area).

NOTA BENE : The team « Carré Neige » from GBC MONTAGNE study each file case by case in respect of the rules mentioned before.

Can a stranger subscribe the « Carré Neige Intégral » ?


There is no geographic limit to subscribe « Carré Neige Intégral ». The cancelation before the stay and the guarantees during the stay will be applied.

In case of cancelation, if I paid a deposit, can this deposit be refunded?


You simply must prove us the payment of the deposit and provide us an attestation from ESF or ski-lifts mentioning that this deposit has not been refunded.

If my cancelation is due to a problem of accommodation (overbooking, rehousing…) do the cancelation guarantees operate ?


The « Carré Neige Intégral » only refunds the unused « ski passes », « ski lessons » and/or nurserie expenses (service delivered by the ESF).

Normally, customers can buy a cancelation insurance through their host for those situations.

Up to how many days before the departure the cancelation guarantees are applicables?

Until the day before the departure, knowing that the documents should be sent by post before the date of the beginning of the ski pass, ski lessons and/or the nurserie (service delivered by the ESF).

If my ski pass is pedestrian or nordic, can I subscribe to the « Carré Neige Saison » ?


In this case i will be covered walking, wearing snowshoes or skiing nordic on the ski area accessible with the « seasonary ski pass » and the linked area.

Does « Carré Neige Saison » cover me on winter and on summer ?


With « Carré Neige Saison » , I am covered :
- In winter for the ski, the snowboard or the snowsports on the ski-lift area that is accessible with the « Seasonnary ski pass » and the linked area (and the off-pist area that is accessible via ski-lifts).
- In summer if my lift-pass permits me, for the summer sports accessible with the « Seasonnary ski pass » on the winter ski-lift area and linked area.

Those sports must be defined for each resort depending of the activities proposed accessible with the « season pass » and involving the use of ski lifts if they are in use in summer or practicing at ski lifts or in the immediate vicinity of lifts if they are not in use in summer.

Does « Carré Neige Saison » cover me for the selge, the fat bike, the electric scooter practices?


YES, i will be covered for those activities practice on the ski area accessible with the « season pass » (including the linked area).

I am a seasonnary and I would like to by a daily ski pass in another ski resort, must I by another insurance ?

NO, If I decide to buy a daily ski pass in a resort that is part of tha ski area of the « seasonnary ski pass » that i bought : I do not need to buy a new insurance, my « Carré Neige Saison » covers me.

YES, If I decide to buy a daily ski pass in a resort that is part of a ski area which is not accessible with my « seasonnary ski pass », I need to buy a daily insurance with the daily ski pass in the resort choosen.

If I have an accident in January that prevents me from skiing for a month, will I be refunded


NO, To be refunded of the unused "season pass" in case of severe accident or severe illness, your inability to ski must relate until the end of the season (in this case your original ski pass will be asked for the treatment of your file, and will be return to you at the end of the season).


YES, In this case, the "skiing lessons" can be refunded up to 6 days maximum.

What must I do in case of a skiing accident or an illness ?

I need to identify the insurance I subscribed (“Carré Neige”, “Carré Neige Nordique“, “Carré Neige Intégral” or “Carré Neige Saison”) and :

Go on the website to fill up the online claim form corresponding to the insurance subscribed, directly online in the tab “make your claim” within 15 days from the event.
I calculate the estimated amount due to me, I fill up all the informations asked and I must attach all the documentation asked.

We precise that claims cannot be considered by email or by phone.

What happens after my claim to GBC MONTAGNE ?

1 / I have just estimated my refund:

If I do not want to continue my claim, I click on "I give up"
If I want to continue my claim, I click on "I make my claim"

2 / I complete the form and attach all the requested documents

3 / I send my claim

4 / I receive an acknowledgment email containing the information of my declaration, the details of the estimated amount due and the documents I have attached to CHECK

5 / I receive a few days later another email containing my file reference with GBC MONTAGNE which invites me to wait until the processing of my file in the best delays.
I do not send any other document and I wait.

6 / MY FILE HAS BEEN TREATED, I receive an email from a manager Carré Neige (which will be the one assigned to my file from A to Z) with an attached PDF mail indicating the details of the processing of my file and informing me of a payment sent by check if the elements of my file allow it.

7 / I can then send my request for reimbursement of medical expenses according to the procedure and using the spreadsheet in the PDF letter received by email. My request is processed as soon as possible.

Do you have any complaint?