I choose Carre Neige because it meets my needs perfectly ! Carré Neige an insurance and assistance product for days and holidays I choose Carre Neige because it meets my needs perfectly ! Carré Neige offers
Carré Neige A COMBINED INSURANCE AND RESCUE COVER BY DAY OR BY STAY Carré Neige offers If you have a season pass, we have the solution! More infos
Carré Neige covers all snow sports! Carré Neige covers all snow sports! More infos Carré Neige offers

Following your accident, you have fifteen days to report your claim

Carré Neige, A dedicated, locally based insurer

Carré Neige
A dedicated, locally based insurer

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I choose the Carré Neige that suits me, adapted to my needs and no more.

These products are not sold on this website, please contact directly the resort where you want to go.

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Just how much can rescue cost?

Here are a few average costs incurred when you have a winter sports accident.


Helicopter rescue


Rescue on the slopes


Ambulance or taxi transport from the slopes to the medical center


My 19 years old’s son went to a ski trip with friends. He didn’t want to take an insurance even if we advised him to take it (he is an adult and don’t need us). Unfortunatly, he broke his arm. The amount was more than 700 € : Rescue operations, evacuation, ambulance… Next time, no choice, he will take his insurance…

I booked my ski lessons last august. I took the Carré Neige Integral insurance « in case of… ». What a good idea I had ! We have been house burglary victims 5 days before our ski trip… Burglars took our ID, Passports and other personal things. Thanks to the Carré Neige, the ski lessons and skipasses were repaid. Thank you very much Carré Neige !

I’m a seasonal worker in a small ski resort. 2 years ago, I decided to ski during my day-off with some friends. I was not physically well prepared and we went to a off-piste skiing. I fell and broke my ACL. That means no more ski, an helicopter flight, many medical costs, surgery, hospital stay and more… Nowadays, my knee is great, I feel better and I took my Carré Neige Saison obviously ! Prevention is better than cure !

Every year, with my group of friends, we try to spend a day exploring the mountains. This particular time we’d decided to do cross-country skiing. It’s not too challenging and everyone was happy with the idea. As we were buying our passes the cashier asked if we’d like Carré Neige Nordique insurance. We hadn’t heard of it but decided to take it anyway. Generally speaking, I don’t really believe in coincidence. But a badly-fitted binding and a bit of a skid-out later and the damage was done. Off for a ride on the rescue sledge, which took me straight to the nearest doctor’s surgery. Verdict ? Sprained ankle. Total panic at this point, how am I going to get my car home from the mountains with a sprained ankle ? Carré Neige Nordique made sure I was rescued from where I was, taken away and treated, then taken home, and so was my car too.

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